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Our Vision

The name Tèkhneloghìa was chosen because it represents exactly the company purpose: Tèkhneloghìa, is a compound word that comes from the Greek (Tekne-Logia), literally "discourse on art", "future science", what is today called as Technology.

In principle, the technology was studying the processes of a particular art or trade, then the concept has evolved, indicating the search for the solution of practical problems. Tèkhneloghìa combined and involved these values with the maximum respect for the environment.

Tékhneloghia is positioned in the field of innovative vehicles for personal transport with low CO2 emissions, with reduced operating costs and related accessories such as battery chargers, electrical / electrons components.

Tèkhneloghìa has the goal to became a leader in this field.



Our Mission

Tékhneloghia has invented, developed and patented a revolutionary product, from the design, the engineering and manufacturing, having clear in mind his position on the world market.

In line with the corporate vision, other innovative and absolutely new products will be placed on the market, in particularly, company has in advanced state of improvement Joint Ventures to establish manufacturing, sale and distribution agreements.

Following a proper strategic management and entrepreneurship, each project is managed as business unit, supported with the necessary resources to pursue the objects. All projects are budgeted, monitored and finally evaluated both as individual and as an aggregate, having in mind as final goal the achievement of the win-win result for all the stakeholders.